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A photo of Ray of Soap



We are Ruth and James, a husband and wife team from Bicester, Oxfordshire. We are passionate about natural skincare and hand make all our soap and bath bombs in small batches in our kitchen. We use vegan ingredients in all our products and aim to be as eco-conscious as possible. We keep packaging to a minimum and everything used is plastic free. 

Our soap journey started in May 2018 when we came across a soap recipe on a sewing blog - completely randomly - and decided that it would be fun to give it a try. We really enjoyed the whole process, and the mix of exact scientific measuring and artistic creativity really spoke to our personalities! We were particularly pleased when the resulting soap was actually useable, and that lead us to make more soap which we gifted as Christmas presents that year. We got such a lot of lovely compliments that we decided there was only one thing for it - we needed to start a soap business!

We then spent a few months refining our chosen ingredient blend and learning new techniques and opened Ray of Soap for business in May 2019, exactly a year after making our first soap. We started with a selection of 4 recipes and have since expanded to our current range with a few seasonal extras. As well as full sized bars we also released wrapped mini bar gift boxes which have proved to be very popular over the years.

Bath Bombs didn't come along until 2022 and they were soon followed by our special little Bomblet  boxes after some good friends of ours requested a smaller bath bomb for their young daughter to use. We needed a fun way to package the new mini bath bombs and a snappy name - first we discovered they fit perfectly into an egg box and then my Aunty Pam came up with the name Bomlet!

 Away from soap making we are pretty busy bees, we have a myriad of hobbies and we also run a gardening business. Our hobbies include knitting, sewing, basket making, plant collecting, language learning, music, calligraphy, baking and confectionary making, and the list is being constantly added to! 


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