We are a husband and wife team from Oxfordshire who are passionate about making environmentally friendly soap. We first started making soap in the Spring of 2018, we came across a soap recipe online and decided that we would like to give it a try. We really enjoyed the whole process and we were chuffed when the result actually turned out to be bars of usable soap! Those bars became our Christmas presents for that year and we got such a lot of lovely comments we decided to make it into a business. Since then we have come a long way, refining our chosen ingredient blend and techniques, resulting in what you see today. We first released Ray of Soap into the wider world in May 2019 and we have been blown away by the wonderful support we have received since then.   

We made a conscious decision to make our soaps environmentally friendly, keeping the recipes palm oil free and using no plastic in our packaging. We also keep the amount of packaging to a minimum to ensure there is less that needs disposing when the soap has been used.